10 Amazing Bakrid Wallpapers with quotes

As this sacred occasion of Bakrid is here, celebrate this day by downloading the best wallpapers available here. On this day, wish your loved ones with awe-inspiring Bakrid Quotes. Make these amazing images as your wallpapers and celebrate this feast of sacrifice.


May the almighty guides us on right path &
Fills our hearts with sympathy so we can help
The needy & poor People.
Bakr-Id Mubarak

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Surely the hypocrites strive to deceive Allah, and He shall requite their deceit to them, and when they stand up to prayer they stand up sluggishly; they do it only to be seen of men and do not remember Allah save a little. Happy Bakrid

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Here is hoping that, this Eid is Happiest & Best
The ideals you believe in of all the days to celebrate this
Outshines the rest,
May the blessings for the Allah shines on you always & forever…Happy Bakrid


Nothing prevents men from believing when the guidance comes to them, and from asking forgiveness of their Lord, except that what happened to the ancients should overtake them, or that the chastisement should come face to face with them. Happy Bakrid.


Allah has promised to those who believe and do good deeds (that) they shall have forgiveness and a mighty reward. Happy Bakrid

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